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Personal Training, Classes, and More


Personal Training

Commit2Fit on your terms with flexible options and custom workouts. Schedule a FREE 30-minute demo session and during that time we will put you through a light workout while discussing your goals and needs. If you decide to move forward with Commit2Fit we have a variety of packages to choose from, or you can pay per session. Pick either 30 or 45 minute sessions, and we will help determine the best frequency for training based on your goals. There are no membership fees, or hidden costs. We do however enforce a 24 hour cancellation policy. 

Small Group Classes

We offer small group Circuit Training Strength Classes a few times a week; with a maximum capacity of 5 participants you won’t get lost in the crowd, and get a great workout at a very affordable rate. These classes are 45 minutes long and are suitable for all experience levels. Check out MINDBODY for the schedule. 



We offer so much more than personal training. Our ClearLight Infrared Sauna is a wonderful addition to your workout, or as a standalone service. ClearLight is a top-of-the-line infrared sauna with a long list of health benefits such as positive impacts to your cardio vascular system, muscle pain relief, improved sleep, detoxification, stress and fatigue reduction among many others. 
Hop on our Peloton bike and cross cardio off your list. Whether you want to book time to spin in conjunction with your personal training, or just pop in to get your sweat on, our affordable rates make it a practical addition to your routine.
Commit2Fit sublets to various wellness providers. Share your needs and we will match you up with a professional that can help. Also keep an eye out for collaborations between C2F and our partners. We will offer these events periodically throughout the year.

Ready to get started?

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