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Casey Garofalo Personal Training
Casey Garofalo Personal Trainer

Hi! I'm Casey, owner of Commit2Fit.

NASM-CPT, Weight Loss Specialist, Group Fitness Instructor and Certified Nutrition Coach.


Nothing is more empowering than feeling strong. Throughout my personal fitness journey, I have gained experience, knowledge and confidence. I have truly found my passion and I'm so excited to share it with others. 


After years in the personal training industry I started Commit2Fit working out of my car, training clients and small groups in their homes, parks. Wherever I could do a session, I did it. Over the years, my business has grown and my dream of having my own studio has come true. I believe wellness is more than just looking fit on the outside. My take on fitness is a more holistic approach that layers many important factors; actually changing habits and learning to love those changes, growing to love your body and all that it can do, and finding solutions for clients who might need help that's outside my scope of work. Whether it's nutrition, physical therapy, massage (and more), we have a professional that can help. 


We appreciate the support and are so excited for the future of C2F!  

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