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Commit to fit on your terms with flexible workout options.


Commit2Fit specializes in corporate wellbeing events, small group training, and in-home personal training.

In-home clients get personalized training programs, the equipment is brought to them and the best part is there’s no excuses not to work out because we'll be knocking on your door.

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Have a busy schedule and need a little extra "oomph" to your workout? In-home training is an excellent option. Our trainers bring the equipment, music, expertise, and above all, the motivation. The workouts will be tailored to your needs and goals- that way there's no wasting time in the gym and you always have an effective strategy behind you. 

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Get fit in a convenient, comfortable, private environment.

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Stay accountable while still accommodating your busy schedule.

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Enjoy a fully customized workout plan to help you meet your specific goals.

NEW! The C2F Mobile Gym. Fully stocked with all of the equipment you need to train like a pro.

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Small group training is an awesome option that allows for group motivation and group accountability. Not only will I be pushing you, but so will your group! This is a great option if you have a group of friends who want the intimacy of a personal trainer, lower cost per person and the flexibility to workout in an environment that’s comfortable for you! No intimidating gyms, and you won’t get lost in a crowd so I can ensure each movement is being performed correctly. So grab some friends and let’s get outside and sweat!

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I create tag-team specific workouts that make it fun and fresh.

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Your friends and family get fit together! 

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Group accountability means you're all in it together.

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Corporate wellbeing is so important not only to help employees get out from behind their desks and encourage healthy lifestyles, but it also adds value to your company in so many ways. Employees want to work for businesses with amenities and programs that show that they are appreciated. Incorporating a wellbeing program is a great way to show employees that they are cared for and to add something a little new and different into the daily grind. Many insurance companies will also help compensate such programs because your company’s happy and healthy employees mean lower costs for them. If your company is looking to host a wellbeing event, or just a way to get your employees up an moving, bring in Commit2Fit.

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Promote company culture, wellness and improve relationships!

Push each other beyond the limits of your office space!

Promote physical and mental health, improving moods and work ethic!

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