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Meet the Team

Our experienced trainers are ready to guide you on your fitness journey. 


Casey Price

Founder & NASM-CPT, Weight Loss Specialist, Certified Group Fitness Instructor

My Career in personal training started in 2017 when I received my certification through the National Academy of Sports Medicine. Since then I have added to my resume Group Fitness Instructor and Weight Loss Specialist. My training style is diverse and I tailor my clients based on my clients goals and building on core movements. I believe compound exercises are the key to building a strong body. I teach proper form for motions like squats and deadlifts and continue to build on those exercises as my clients become stronger and more confident. As founder of Commit2Fit, I eat, live, sleep and breathe this business, and helping my clients achieve their goals is the most rewarding part.  


Gabriella Mangino


You can call me Gabby or Gab! I come from a pharmaceutical/regulatory writing and project management career, though fitness has always been the foundation for my motivation and excitement. I am fascinated by the body’s global connectedness, and with challenging our minds and muscles to perform varied movements. As a bodybuilder, I understand the discipline, motivation, and most importantly science behind setting and achieving fitness goals, big or small. 


With my NASM-CPT certification, I’ve teamed up with Commit2Fit to impact those determined to live healthier lifestyles daily. No matter your fitness level, goals, or passion, let's start your journey and get you on the path to feeling great. As your partner all along the way, I have the tools and knowledge to kick your butt and challenge you to greatness!...don't worry, you'll thank me later.

Remillino Ella

CPT, SGX Coach

Remi, specializes in calisthenics, plyo-metric, strength training, and other various forms of movement. He’s an active obstacle course athlete, climber and Ninja warrior enthusiast. After becoming a Certified Personal Trainer in 2015 & a Certified Spartan SGX Coach in 2018, Remi sought out and worked beside physical therapists and has surrounded himself with injuries to familiarize and adapt an exercise that can help improve a person’s strength and well being. The importance of mastering the body’s movement and its function has always been Remi’s goal to share with others.


Kimmy Whitaker


Kimmy Whitaker is our behind-the-scenes person here at Commit2Fit. She is a busy mom of 3 wonderful children, 2 girls and a little boy. She is responsible for all the day to day Facebook activity and making sure Casey and the rest of the team have everything they need to help the business thrive.

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