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If you are looking for a convenient way to get your workout in without leaving your house, the Commit2Fit Mobile Gym is the solution for you. Inside you will find everything you'd find at a traditional gym. All equipment is meticulously sanitized between clients and sessions can be either outdoors, in a garage or inside based on your comfort level. No more excuses, we bring the gym and trainers to you!

Inside we're equipped with 2 Olympic bars, a trap bar, plates from 10lb to 45lb, dumbbells from 3lb up to 50lb, kettlebells from 9lb up to 53lb, a landmine, 10, 15, and 20lb slam balls, two battle ropes, yoga ball, Bosu Balance Trainer, TRX, 3 different size plyo boxes, ez curl bar, all kinds of stretchy bands, yoga mats and there’s going to be more! 

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